Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

We offer many styles of massage. Choose one that is perfect for you and let it take you to a relaxed state of being.


Swedish Massage:

50 min. $79   Series of Four $295

80 min. $90   Series of Four $320

25 min. $39

10 min, Chair Massage  $20

Muscle and tissue are kneaded and stroked to increase blood and lymph circulation. Enhances your range of motion and will restore your tired body and mind and re-establish a sense of balance in your life.


Neuromuscular Massage:

50 min. $92    Series of Four $330

80 min. $117  Series of Four $415

25 min.  $45

Combination of Swedish massage and pressure point work including stretching of limbs and compression strokes to improve circulation and to flush out toxins that build up from vigorous exertion.


Soothing Hot Stone Massage:

50 min. $92   Series of Four $320

80 min $135  Series of Four $450


Aromatherapy Massage:

50 min. for $87    Series of Four $310

80 min. for $139  Series of Four $500


Lymphatic Drainage Treatment:

30 min. for $99

60 min. for $149

90 min. for $199

2 hr. for $269



50 min. for $90   Series of Four $310

80 min. for $140 Series of Four $490


Body Treatments with Vichy Rain Shower

Salt Glow $75  Series of Four $240

Sugar Scrub $75    Series of Four $240

 Ribbons of custom blended aromatherapy warm oils are combined with Dead Sea salts to buff your body to a soft glow and promote wonderfully silky smooth skin, removing impurities and leaving your skin to shimmer for days. This treatment is combined with a scalp and foot massage.


Honey Body Polish $95

Pure honey, almonds and oatmeal. A natural cleanser and exfoliate for a smooth and luxurious finish to the skin.



Mud Therapy Body Treatment $95  Series of Four $330

Therapeutic mud imported from  Germany is blended with energizing plant extracts and Restorative Clay, and then applied to your body from your neck to your toes. Next, you are cocooned in thermal wrappings and bathed in infrared light. While you luxuriate in this detoxifying mixture, your face becomes the focus of attention with an application of purifying Mud Therapy mask. Your tensions will melt away when all traces of mud are removed under a gentle Vichy Rain Shower. You emerge with glowing, toned and unbelievably soft skin, ready for final massage with extremely emollient Body Creme and a customized facial moisturizer.


Firming and Shaping Body Wrap  $85     Series of Four $300

Noticeably smooths and tightens targeted areas improving the appearance of skin texture and cellulite.


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